Few Examples of Interior Designs

Cozy and warm interior in Barcelona apartment

We will introduce a modernly renovated apartment by studio Miel Arquitectos in Barcelona. As you can see from the pictures, the designers here were able to achieve a unique atmosphere and comfort through various visual accents.
The gold rings on the walls, the original lighting fixtures, the library and the clever clothes cabinet mounted on both sides of the inner pillars  show a really great design and perfect interior. The unique apartment at Santpere 47 is really amazing, having great design. The design of this apartment is very stylish and beautiful. The warm colors inspire comfort and great view through the window is profound, revealing the beauty of this great city.
Here are more pictures of the Barcelona flat:



Flat interior design in red

The interior design project, which we present is the new home of a young family, dared to realize their preferences contrast to the classic red against black and white as a referee between these two strong colors.


The fiery red line goes into geometric tracery in the interior of the entire living room – the walls, the ceiling and lands on the furniture.
Bright accent in the room is the fireplace, located on the border between areas for relaxing and dining. The floor in the living room is very bright, almost bleached wood, but to the dining area segues into tiles in anthracite black.

The geometrical shape of the suspended ceiling modules meet the three primary colors of interior decision of the dwelling as a black details to emphasize the shape and design. Naturally, the kitchen is also a red-white-black, high-top bar is actually for kitchen work surfaces.

For impressive expression of this interior and painting, major contribution has its lighting system – hidden in the ceiling and suspended fixtures illuminate the room according to the preferences of the owners. As announcements of the remarkable interior living area is that of the hall where the geometric shapes intertwined in complex red-black-white contrasts.

Trim with decorative stone wall and interesting panel, which are actually the doors of the wardrobe, admiring glances welcome all visitors in this modern home.


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